Leighwood Paperie was created by me, Amanda. 

In addition to loving and creating beautiful designs, I am also a wife, cat-mom, and dedicated coffee drinker. 

Art and design has always been a passion of mine, starting at a young age. Whether it be drawing, photography, or graphic design, creating something unique and beautiful has always been important to me. Since high school I have been learning how to code and create websites, training in photography, and continually growing my skills as a graphic designer. 

After designing the wedding stationery for my wedding in 2016, I realized that my true passion was in graphic design. I channeled that passion into creating a business that I could be proud of. I realized that my true passion was designing beautiful stationery for couples and brand identities for businesses to tell their most important stories.

When it comes to design, my favorite things are:

  • Selecting the perfect typefaces and setting type
  • A clean, modern, yet timeless aesthetic
  • Calming and neutral colors
  • Using beautiful visuals to tell an important personal story

When I'm not designing, I love craft beer, a good glass of wine, going on adventures with my husband, traveling and hiking. My bucket list includes renovating an Airstream and visiting all of the National Parks.

What are some of your favorite things? I'd love to learn more about you!